Company introduction

DEYITA provides a stable and fast supply to its downstream distributors and ends users. Our products are easily accessible due to numerous distributors across Taiwan

Our sales team equips with solid expertise and expedites the solution to customer problems and complaints with updated industrial knowledge.

We perform cost- benefit to meet customer´s needs in an extremely competitive environment.

Our team receives regular on-the-job training in Japan and Europe, including new product development seminar, which we could subsequently apply newly learned knowledge into practice to our customers, thus we create a win-win strategy.

We are keen to participate in important exhibitions around the world. Furthermore, we are regular exhibitor since the 2015 Taipei Aerospace Industry Exhibition starting the series of machine tools for the first time.  Visitors are deeply impressed by our products: OSG’ s aerospace cutting tools by our successful promotion.

In terms of our future vision, we’ ll continue to deeply penetrate the Taiwan market by increasing our sales performance.  Meanwhile, in order to be a quick response to the industrial structure changes, we plan to expand our branches overseas.