Technical Service

For the expansion of the business volume , In order to make existing customers get better  service, we founded “DEYITA Technology Co., Ltd.” with OSG corporation  in 2011 . Which is the stock and service center of OSG full range of merchandise in the North Taiwan.

DEYITA provide a stable and quick supply for its distributors and end users. And we have many distributors across Taiwan so users can get our products easily and quickly.  


We have the most professional sales team, and provide customers with the most immediate new knowledge and service. We look forward to create more profit for our customers in the extremely competitive environment.


Our team regularly go to Japan for education and training , inclusive of  new product seminar. Confirmed by practice , we increase knowledge of us and quality of customers’ process , and create a win-win situation. 

Major exhibitions at home and abroad is one of our stage. 2015 Taipei Aerospace Industry Exhibition entered the machine tools for the first time , and we certainly participated. Visitors impressed with our products and we successfully promote OSG’s aerospace cutting tools.

Looking to the future target , we’ll continue rooting in Taiwan, expanding our business territory. At the same time , to consider industrial structure changes , we’ll also go overseas  setting  branches.